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Acoustic Leak Detention – How Does It Work?

Acoustic Water Leak Detection

Water leaks can be very hard to detect, let alone repair. And what makes it really difficult to detect leakages is that many water pipes are concealed in the ceilings, underground and behind walls. These leaks can run undetected for months before they surface. This is where Acoustic Leak Detection Services comes into play. Undetected […]

Do You Have Hidden Water Pipe Leaks At Home?

Leak Exposed After Locating

Water leaks are a common in older homes today, however, due to the complexities involved in identifying them they have become a thorn in the flesh for many homes. The words water leak may sound simple yet water leaks caused by broken pipes can cause untold havoc in premises. Dangers of Leaking Water Pipes While […]

Underfloor Water Leak Detection Does Not Have to Be Damaging

Our Leak Detection Equipment

Homeowners who have experienced a water leak in their pipes know just how damaging underfloor leak detection can be. In order to repair a leak, the repair company must first locate the source of the problem. This can mean ripping up carpets and sub floors, creating enormous damage in the process. The homeowner has to […]

Do You Have A Leak Under Your Floor?

Water Meter Spinning Fast

How do you know if you have a hidden leak? Most leaks are pretty obvious! They may result in a damp floor, water dripping through a ceiling or you might have a damp patch appear on a wall. But in many cases there will be no visible evidence at all. If you can’t see any […]