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Emergency Water Leak Detection for Network Rail during the Covid-19 Lockdown Period

So we are well into our 5th week of lockdown in the UK. How are you all hanging in there? We are fortunate enough that all our staff, Engineers and their loved ones are all safe and well and we very much hope you are able to say the same. If you managed to check […]

Specialist Commercial Water Leak Detection

Job of the week! Commercial Water Leak Detection Over the last week we have carried out water mains leak detections, central heating leak detections, domestic and commercial leak detections, in fact you won’t believe what we have found leaks on! My job of the week is one I can’t believe we found the leak on […]

Irrigation System Leak Detection – Thinking outside the box!

Underground water leak Kensington

The Ultimate Underground Water Leak! We had an inquiry the other day. Under ground irrigation system pipework leaking, spanning 2000 square meters of public gardens in London Kensington… Could we help?? It pretty much made a normal water mains leak detection sounds easy! Apparently two other companies had been out before us to try and […]

2 Leaks found & fixed at a Quarry in Gloucestershire… Just another “Day at the Office” for our Engineers!

As you have probably noticed by now, we are quite enthusiastic about finding leaks and we love it when we receive an unusual inquiry. We have found leaks on a yacht in Italy, in an apartment on the coast of Spain and of course many other locations in the UK as far out as the […]

What leak?! Can you spot the Leak Repair!?

Lead Pipe Replaced with Plastic

Successful leak detection on domestic external mains, South London. Before: After:   It’s not always possible, but it gives us a great sense of satisfaction when we are able to find a leak, access it, replace a whole section of pipework, backfill, AND reinstate the ground surface in a single day! All this was achieved […]