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Central Heating Problems & Solutions

finding a radiator leak

There are many common central heating problems and solutions, here we discuss them and how we can help you. The inner functioning of a central heating system can be a mystery to most people and a complete puzzle when there is a malfunction. These central heating systems tend to malfunction, especially when you turn them […]

How To Find A Leak In A Central Heating System

finding a radiator leak

When it comes to central heating systems, the last thing anyone wants to experience is a leak. A leak means frustratingly low temperatures just when you need to desperately regulate the temperature. The earlier you discover the leak, the faster you seek a solution; it’s the only sure way to ensure that you and your […]

Boiler Loses Pressure, Does Your Boiler Suffer In This Way?

Boiler Pressure Loss On Guage

You get home from work on an icy winter’s day, chilled to the bone. Before you even take off your shoes or thick winter coat, you switch on your heating to warm up the house only to find that the boiler loses pressure. Not only is the boiler’s pressure gauge showing that the pressure is […]

How to Check Domestic Radiators for Leaks

Underfloor Central Heating Leak Detection

If your boiler loses pressure this could be due to a leak on one of your radiators, or a leak on your heating system’s underground pipework. We only want our customers to use our services when it’s absolutely necessary. We want to SAVE you money that would otherwise be spent digging up floors to look […]