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Central Heating System Leaks – The Leak Sealant Dilemma

Winter is fast approaching and you wake up one morning to find that mysteriously, your heating hasn’t come on like it normally does. Chilly and curious, you tiptoe downstairs and across the cold floor to the boiler cupboard to see what’s going on and you discover the boiler pressure is at zero. Fast forward a […]

How Does A Central Heating System Work?

Boiler Pressure Guage (Analogue)

As the original leak detection company we have been finding central heating leaks for many years, in this article we discuss how central heating systems work. Often people only start looking into central heating problems when the heating stops working, which on most occasions is due to low boiler pressure. Central heating systems are examples […]

Back Boilers – To Repair or Replace?

Back Boilers

Back Boilers – To Repair or Replace? In this in depth article we aim to help you understand your Back Boiler and help you if you have a central heating leak. Back Boilers A back boiler is a long age device used from around the 1960s to heat water and also to provide heat around […]