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Buildings Insurance And Water Leaks

There are a number of essential elements which come with owning a home, and buildings insurance is a major consideration. This is a type of insurance which generally covers any costs associated with repairing damage to the overall structure of your property, including external outbuildings such as sheds, fences and garages, as well as drains, […]

Boiler Pressure Too High? How To Reduce Pressure From Your Boiler

Your boiler is a specialist and expensive piece of equipment that is the beating heart of your central heating system. Because it is often hidden away in an airing cupboard, it is something that can easily be forgotten or neglected. Yet, neglecting your boiler can be a very costly error requiring a new boiler, which […]

What Pressure Should My Boiler Be At When It Is Running?

Your central heating system is one of the most important necessities for a happy and healthy home. Most of us take it for granted and don’t pay that much attention to how it works or even contemplate regular maintenance with the exception of an annual service. However, a little knowledge and monthly checks can help […]

Your Worcester Bosch Boiler Code Guide Designed To Save You Money And Help You Find The Answer To Your Problems

Are you fed up with your heating system malfunctioning? Are you constantly topping up the water in your boiler, yet the boiler pressure continues to drop. As the original leak detection company in the UK, we are regularly called out to locate the source of a leak, but in many cases, your heating system does […]