Castle Marina Retail Park, Nottingham

Castle Marina Retail Park offers a convenient and comfortable shopping destination for visitors visiting Nottingham. It gets its name from its proximity to the Marina near the banks of the Nottingham Canal. You can get almost anything for your leisure and home shopping.

The high street stores offer a wide range of selections to get you started on your shopping. Castle Marina gives you a chance to escape the busy buzz of central Nottingham. With ample parking that is easily accessible, you do not have to worry about parking and long queues.

Castle Marina is also ideal for the busiest shopping periods. Most of the stores offer late-night shopping times and you can also enjoy amazing discounts on Black Fridays without worry. The Castle Marina is open 7 days a week and you can sit and relax at the Costa Coffee when you are done with shopping.

Places to visit after shopping in Castle Marina Retail Park

  • City of caves. this area is based on a series of caves that have been carved out of sandstone. Most of these caves have for years been used as cellars, tanneries, and air-raid shelters. If you are within Nottingham, you can check this array of man-made caves that have rich historical backgrounds.
  • Newstead Abbey. if you are within Nottingham and are fascinated by historical stories then you should visit Newstead Abbey. it has been recently converted to a domestic home and is popularly known as the ancestral home of Lord Byron. Visit this place and learn of the amazing tales of how it came to exist.
  • Old square market. There are several things you could do here if you are visiting. This is the largest public space in England and is also home to the Nottingham Tourism Centre. Be sure to look for the eye-catching Sky Mirror that provides a unique view of the sky.
  • Lace market. You only need to walk a short distance from the Old Square Market to reach this area. There are various sightseeing activities that you can participate in. you can book tours to the National Justice Museum.
  • Highfields park. This area is full of exotic trees and plants. There is an array of activities you can do here including picnicking, riding boats, croquet, and other various activities. The Arboretum Park is also nearby and hosts some of the major festivals.

Leak detection in Nottingham

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If you are still within Nottingham and still feel you have an unquenchable need for adventure you could try checking out the Wollaton Village Dovecote Museum.

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