If you’ve invested a lot of money in a swimming pool you want to get as much use out of your pool as you possibly can, and you want your pool to last for years to come.

Even if you inherited your pool with your house, running costs in terms of heating, chemicals and maintenance can be high.

The last thing you need is a leak on your pool, literally sending your hard earned money down the drain.

A leak will cause your heating and water bills to sky-rocket and that’s before you even start to think about the costs involved with locating and repairing your leak.Leaking Swimming Pool

You might be tempted to ignore the problem.

After all if it’s a small leak, maybe it would be cheaper to just keep topping up the pool than to face up to dealing with the leak.

How on Earth you even begin to fathom if the leak is on the pipework, or one of the outlets, or actually at the bottom of the pool structure or liner without draining the pool completely or exposing the pipework??

That’s where the expertise of ADI comes in!

Our unique combination of skills, experience and equipment allows us to search for leaks in the pool structure and pipework without causing damage to your pool or property and without the need to drain the pool.

Our Leak Detection methods allow us to pinpoint virtually ANY leak on the filtration system pipework, even if the pipes are buried deep underground.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services

There’s virtually no limit to the amount of time we can spend underwater, and we can pinpoint even the tiniest of leaks on your pool liner or between the tiles.

This is not a task for any swimming pool maintenance or construction company to undertake.

We utilise bespoke testing rigs, gas tracers, ground microphones, submersible hydrophones and electro directional tracking equipment to perform our leak detections. And we can only achieve this thanks to our decades of experience in non-invasive pipework leak detection and our extensive experience as PADI certified Rescue Divers.

Here at ADI we are proud to be a SPATA approved swimming pool leak detection company.

We have spent the past 5 years refining this process and we aim to locate your swimming pool leak within 1 day.

Our aim is to take the sheer stress and ambiguity out of resolving your swimming pool leak and we have helped hundreds of customers in the same situation as you.

Don’t leave it too late or you’ll risk damaging the foundations of your pool and maybe even your home – If the leak is serious enough it could cause underground soil erosion which will weaken the base that your pool is built upon.

Having your pool foundations entirely rebuilt is certainly not going to be cheap!

That’s why calling ADI when you first suspect a leak in your pool is the right thing to do – the sooner we get to carry out a swimming pool leak detection investigation on your property, the sooner we can identify the problem and then help you fix it.

Your pool is a valuable addition to your property so don’t let it go to waste or be ruined for the sake of a single phone call to ADI on 0800 731 3843.

External Leak Detection Services