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Can ADI Deal With Central Heating Leaks?

As you’re no doubt aware ADI are leak detection specialists and that’s where we put the majority of the focus of what we do. Our engineers have invested a lot of time in the training required to find leaks in the most non-invasive and time efficient way possible. The equipment that our teams use is some of the most sophisticated of its type and isn’t something you can just pick up and use without training.

But we realize that many of our customers are going to have problems that don’t just revolve around water leaks and one of the more common calls we get is about problems with heating system. A leaking central heating system can cost you an absolute fortune in fuel bills because the system isn’t operating at an optimal level.

So how can you tell that there might be a leak in your central heating system? The first test is checking whether or not your radiators are as hot as they used to be. Or what about leaks near the radiators or damp patches on the carpet or flooring near them? You can also check your boiler for any signs of a gas leak there but be careful that you don’t cause any accidental damage to your boiler yourself when doing this.

Or you can just contact ADI and have one of our leak detection engineers locate the leak for you and then work to fix the problem with your central heating from there. When it comes to complex issues like central heating systems it’s usually just best to leave this type of work in the hands of professionals. So don’t risk causing any major or minor damage to your property by trying to deal with central heating problems yourself. Do the smart thing and call ADI today instead on 08007313843.

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