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Call in the Experts to Fix Leaks of Combined Hot and Cold Bath/Shower Taps

Leaky taps are one of the most common plumbing complaints.  Certain types of taps are most vulnerable to developing gas gas leak. Plumbers are often called on to fix leaks of combined hot and cold bath/shower taps because the valves are overused.  With separate taps, each tap is only used for half of the burden.  With a combined tap, the valve gets used every time the water is turned on.  Valves are already a weak point in a plumbing system, due to the necessity of a moving part; however, with combined taps the vulnerability is magnified.  Calling in a plumber to fix central heating leak of combined hot and cold bath/shower taps is a good idea since do it yourself projects often take much longer than originally planned.

Professional plumbers are able to quickly and easily assess the problem and make recommendations on repairs.  ADI plumbers are experts in the field and can guide you in choosing replacement fixtures that satisfy the practicalities and the design of your bath.  Do not get involved in what could wind up being an expensive home repair by insisting on doing it yourself; instead contact our expert providers to give quality work in a reasonable time frame.  Call us on 0800 731 8343 to schedule your maintenance today and know that your taps are not leaking away hundreds of pounds each year.