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Call in Specialists for Finding Slow Leaks in Plumbing

There are many ways to locate a leak, and traditional methods are not always best.  Many people remember the nightmare of tearing down walls and ripping up floors to help with finding slow leaks in plumbing.  Interior pipes are mostly hidden behind walls and under floor boards.  Finding slow leaks in plumbing can be a costly process.  However, ADI leak detection specialists can help minimize those issues.  New methods for water mains leak detection allow technicians to find slow gas leaks without causing any property damage whatsoever.  Thermal imaging and flow detection are just a couple of the methods that can find leaks non-evasively.

With new technology being developed all the time, the ability of specialist plumbers to minimize property damage grows exponentially.  Home owners no longer have to face the horrors of destroyed landscaping to fix leaky plumbing, and best of all, most repair services are included in the price of the detection service when you use ADI.  Most repair services can be accomplished at the same time as detection, allowing home owners to rest easy in the knowledge that one phone call can result in diagnosis and repair for the same low price.  Contact us today on 0800 731 8343 to set up a time for your central heating leak detection & repair.

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