Cadbury World, Birmingham

When you hear the word Cadbury what strikes the mind is chocolate. Cadbury World, Birmingham, is a tourist attraction for all chocolate lovers. Cadbury World, Birmingham reveals all the fascinating history, interesting facts about how this household bearing chocolate was born and became not just Birmingham delight, but all over the world. The history of how their packaging has evolved, how this particular chocolate has led to the birth of more Cadbury chocolate brands. This adventurous and fan-filled world is located on the same grounds as the Cadbury factory.

History of Cadbury World, Birmingham

In 1878 Cadbury World transitioned from being a factory in the busy city to a more relaxing location. The Cadbury brother found a greenfield site and moved the factory. That is how Bourneville, a factory in the garden, was born. A Birmingham architect worked very close with the Cadbury brothers, and the first bricks were laid in 1879.

Production in the Cadbury Bourneville factory began in 1879. The Cadbury brothers aimed to provide better working conditions for the workers. There were activities in the factory field that involved all workers. The Cadbury brothers believed if Birmingham was an excellent place to live, so should it be an excellent place to work.

Major Attractions to Cadbury World, Birmingham

  • 4D Chocolate Adventure. If you are into adrenaline rush games, then this Crunchie Rollercoaster is a must when you go to Cadbury World, Birmingham. The 4D cinema experience will lead you to a dive in liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk bowl and experience the magical Cadbury characters like Freddo and Caramel Bunny.
  • Manufacturing. Who wouldn’t want to stare at melting chocolate getting poured into numerous containers or mixing chocolate with milk? Sounds so satisfying to watch. Having a view of how different chocolate moldings are reached. Cadbury World, Birmingham gives you the pleasure to experience all these.
  • Aztec Jungle. In this jungle right in the deep of the ancient tropical rainforest, you get to experience the origin of cocoa beans. Exploring this jungle as the chocolate smell fills the air around is something to experience if you are in England. In the jungle, you will find Aztec Emperor Montezuma, whose favorite drink was chocolate.
  • Purple planet. This is an interactive and fun experience in Cadbury World, Birmingham. You get to enjoy digital chocolate delight games. Like experiencing chocolate rains, growing your own cocoa trees and chasing cream eggs. How about digitally hitting each other with chocolate balls just like snowballs.
  • Cadabra ride. The Cadabra ride is a plus in Cadbury World, Birmingham. If you do not know where to take your toddlers for fun, then you should try the fantastic and fun Cadabra ride. The journey through Cadbury World in the Cadabra ride seated in the bean mobiles is magical. The great advantage of this ride is that there are bean mobiles set aside for those in wheelchairs. This means everyone in Cadbury World, Birmingham, is going to have fun.
  • Free chocolate. Cadbury World, Birmingham, there is plenty of chocolate tasting, giveaways and many on sale.

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