Brunel’s SS Great Britain, Bristol

Exploring Brunel’s SS Great Britain is one activity that leaves everyone in the family entertained and informed because there is so much to offer. Brunel’s SS Great Britain is the name of the passengers’ ship, which was the longest in the world for a decade from 1845. Brunel’s SS Great Britain was saved from wreckage and rust and restored to her glory. She became a museum ship, and many people have traveled from all over the United Kingdom and other parts of the world to taste cruising during historical times.

Attractions of Brunel’s SS Great Britain

  • Crew talks. These are conversations carried out by staff volunteers in Brunel’s SS Great Britain to mimic how crew conversations were like during different scenarios and situations on the ship. The most exciting crew talk is the combined sound props of grumbling stewards, musicians and passengers. In addition, there are audio companions given to Mandarin, Spanish, French and German-speaking visitors.
  • The Promenade Deck. First-class services have existed since time immemorial, and Brunel’s SS Great Britain set the pace. The Promenade deck was a playground for first-class passengers. They socialized freely and enjoyed the privacy and also cruising without getting wet. Their cabins have picture arts of some of the first passengers in Brunel’s SS Great Britain.
  • The steerage. This was the third class space that most passengers used during the expedition to Australia. This being the cheapest accommodation, it was the complete opposite of the Promenade deck. There was neither privacy nor comfort.
  • The Dockyard Museum. This has to be the best part of the Brunel’s SS Great Britain. Visitors are taken back to history as you travel through four dissimilar time zones. The dockyard has paintings, letters, items, to graffiti carvings made by the crew. These serve as significant representations of what the ship was like. The tour guides have mastered the art of telling the great stories of this ship, including how Brunel’s SS Great Britain survived both World Wars. The guides encourage interactive activities like lifting the giant propeller.
  • Go Aloft. This is for the climbing and height enthusiasts. This is Brunel’s SS Great Britain sailor experience you need to try. Climbing of this rigging will give you a chance to view the mighty Bristol from the top.
  • Being Brunnel. Brunnel was a prominent ship engineer in the 18s. Brunel’s SS Great Britain has a whole space that displays the life of Brunnel in the form of arts. Pictures of his dining space, Brunnel as a celebrity, as an entrepreneur and Brunnel as an artist.

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