Bristol Cathedral

The Bristol Cathedral is a historic site that has existed for over a thousand years. It is located in the West End of Bristol. The gothic structure and ancient curving make the building so beautiful to gaze at. The interiors are so artistic, and the high and vaulted ceilings won’t let you walk with a straight face once you are in the cathedral. The cathedral has always been opened throughout the year, but following the ongoing pandemic, opening days are restricted and can be booked on their website.

Bells and bell-ringing have remained an essential part of church activity over the years, especially in the Roman Catholic Churches. Bristol Cathedral has maintained this culture by scheduling timetables for when the bell ringing should take place. In addition, the bells in Bristol Cathedral are rung electronically, unlike in the past, where the ringing was done manually.

The cathedral garden is another fantastic feature in the Bristol Cathedral. There are so many small-scale gardens all over the cathedral. This makes the Bristol Cathedral look like one colossal grey flower with a green base. The Cathedral Gardens are well spread with stone-carved benches all over the place. This makes it the best chill and meditation spot in Bristol. You can also snack with headphones on and enjoy your favorite podcast.

The Cathedral Café. Bristol Cathedral has the best café located past the Chapter House. There is light and still diverse with as far as gluten-free and vegetarian options. The Bristol Cathedral discourages snacks from outside, but that shouldn’t be a problem in the café there are homemade cakes and snacks.

Photography and filming. The Bristol Cathedral is such a photographable place. The cathedral allows people to take pictures only during tours, and snapping of children and other worshippers in the cathedral is prohibited. The interiors of the Bristol Cathedral calls for all filmmakers to get a scene from the cathedral. The architectural features cannot be ignored. However, for filming and professional photoshoots, you will need authorization from the management of the Bristol Cathedral.

The Bristol Cathedral holds various charity events and support groups all through the year. If you intend to support them, you can make donations depending on the event or volunteer. Also, there are guides on-site to help you tour The Bristol Cathedral and get to learn more about its history.

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Also, you can consider visiting Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm that is still in Bristol.

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