Brandon Hill, Bristol

It is the oldest park in Bristol. It is located in between Clifton district and Hot Wells in southwest England. In summer and spring times, beautiful flowers blossom giving the park wonderful colors. The upper part of the hill is a steep park consisting of a small nature reserve, informal gardens and open grasslands.

In the middle of the park is the Cabot Tower which provides views of the entire city. The park and the tower are accessed for free. In 18th and 19th centuries, lower slopes of the hill were developed. It is bound by St George. It is on the Great George Street in the Eastern slope of Berkeley Square in the north edge and school buildings of Queen Elizabeth Hospital on the western.


In 1174, Earl of Gloucester granted the hill to the council. This whole land was used as grazing land till 1625 when it was converted to a public open space. It later became a venue for popular public meetings and gatherings.

Popular protests were done at the hill top by unemployed workers gathering to cry out.

Things to do

  • Explore Cabot Tower.
  • Go birdwatching.
  • Visit pinkmans Bakery
  • Enjoy picnics.
  • Moltobueno
  • Climbing steep stairs

Major Attractions

  • Cabot Tower

Best views of the Bristol city are seen from this beautiful tower. It has tiny and steep stairs up the tower.

  • Bag of Nails,

A nice place to have tap beers and if you love cats you will definitely love the place. Cats are all over and never excuse going up the tables.

  • The Matthew of Bristol

This is a replica of Tudor ship sailed by John Cabot from Bristol in 1497. It is available for private hire as well as regular public trips.

It’s a fun place to walk around the ships seeing sights of the harbour.

  • Loose cannon cocktail bar

This is one of the rare great cocktails in central Bristol.

The cocktails here are worth every penny. It’s a very busy well run place and nice staff.

  • Wills memorial building

This is a spectacular and imposing building in the heart of Bristol. Climb to the top of the 68m tower and see panoramic views of Bristol.

  • Harbourside

Great view of the SS Great Britain ship is obtained here.

It’s wonderful with loads of places to eat and drink and much fun for everyone.

The story of the ship is mesmerizing and the actual ship is beautifully restored. It is such a magnificent ship worth paying a visit.

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