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Boiler Looses Pressure, Does Your Boiler Suffer In This Way?

You get home from work on an icy winter’s day, chilled to the bone and before you even take off your shoes or thick padded winter coat, you switch on your heating to warm up the house only to find that the boiler loses pressure. Not only is the boiler’s pressure gauge showing that the pressure is low but if you have a combi then your radiators are struggling to throw out the heat that they used to and on a cold winter’s day that is not good. You also notice that your water pressure is down on your taps and taking a shower is now becoming a daily chore rather than a pleasure with a trickle of water rather than the refreshing jet of water you are used to.

There are a number of options you can take to sort out the problem, the first is to try re-pressuring the boiler, this can be done relatively easily, usually your boiler will have a tap which is can be opened to add water and increase the pressure, always refer to your boiler manual for specific instructions for your boiler or if you are in doubt call on us at ADI Leak Detection  to carry out re-pressuring. Once you re-pressurise your boiler you should see the pressure gauge rise and the pressure on a combi should be around 1.5 bars, again, check your boiler’s manual which will tell you the correct pressure for your boiler.

Re-pressuring the boiler however, is only likely to be a short term fix to your problem and you really need to investigate the root of the problem. The root cause when a boiler loses pressure is more than likely to be a leak in your system. This gas leak could be in a number of places in your system, it could be in the boiler itself or it could be in one of the network of water pipes that feed your water around the house or it could be a leaking radiator. You can carry out visual inspection of radiators checking for signs of leakage such as water around radiators on flooring; you can also check walls behind radiators for damp patches. If you identify signs around radiators or don’t find anything at all, then you need to enlist the services of ADI plumbing who specialist in leak detection to find why the boiler loses pressure.