The True Cost Of Water Leak Detection in the UK

Water leaks are a nuisance to many, while they may range from small drops of water or sometimes-huge amounts of water gushing out of broken pipes; water leaks are simply expensive. However, with the right knowledge, a lot of money can be saved. While the United Kingdom is awash with many water detection companies, finding […]

How Does A Swimming Pool Filtration System Work?

Filtration System Specialists

All swimming pools are constructed and operated on the same principle. In other words, regardless of the shape, size, and additional features; the functioning of all pools is basically similar. They all use a combination of chemical treatment and filtration to keep the water clean and healthy at all times. In this post, we’ll be […]

Boiler Loses Pressure, Does Your Boiler Suffer In This Way?

Boiler Pressure Loss On Guage

You get home from work on an icy winter’s day, chilled to the bone. Before you even take off your shoes or thick winter coat, you switch on your heating to warm up the house only to find that the boiler loses pressure. Not only is the boiler’s pressure gauge showing that the pressure is […]

What leak?! Can you spot the Leak Repair!?

Lead Pipe Replaced with Plastic

Successful leak detection on domestic external mains, South London. Before: After:   It’s not always possible, but it gives us a great sense of satisfaction when we are able to find a leak, access it, replace a whole section of pipework, backfill, AND reinstate the ground surface in a single day! All this was achieved […]

‘Pipe Mike’ Reveals All!

Blog Post By Mark Jones, Senior Leak Detection Engineer Leak Detection Location: Bracknell This was the moment when a pipe microphone revealed all about an otherwise impossible to detect mains water pipe leak. When conventional Leak Detection techniques proved inconclusive because the mains water pipe had been buried very deep, it was time to start […]