How Do Thermal Imaging Cameras Work?

Thermal imaging cameras are used to detect areas or surfaces with extreme heat energy. They are electronic, handheld gadgets that are designed with visual displays to help identify heat energy. These devices have heat sensors fixed to a special kind of lens. They are mostly used by firefighters to detect areas with fire even through […]

What Causes Swimming Pool Leaks?

large leaking swimming pool

Have you ever looked at your swimming pool and had that strange feel that something is not right? The water level appears lower than you left it yesterday, the pavement and grass near the pool looks wet and saturated? Well, you aren’t alone; hundreds of homeowners across the UK have to contend with leaking swimming […]

How Does A Central Heating System Work?

Boiler Pressure Guage (Analogue)

As the original leak detection company we have been finding central heating leaks for many years, in this article we discuss how central heating systems work. Often people only start looking into central heating problems when the heating stops working, which on most occasions is due to low boiler pressure. Central heating systems are examples […]