Options For Underground Water Leak Detection

Leak Exposed After Locating

Water leaks are caused by the poor care of water systems. Unfortunately by the time a water break or an underground water leak is detected a large volume of treated water will have already been lost. This is when the services of underground leak detection specialists are required. If you decide to get leak detection […]

How to Find a Leak in Your Swimming Pool

Finding a swimming pool leak

If you are a regular user or are involved in cleaning your pool; if anything abnormal occurs, you can easily detect it. One of the possible abnormalities that may occur in a pool is drastic water loss which is a symptom of possible water leak in the pool. On average an ordinary Swimming pool loses […]

Just How Accurate Is Leak Detection

Much as water leaks are a common pheno menon in most homes, finding and locating them is never an easy task. This is where leak detection comes in. Leak detection helps homeowners detect and pinpoint all water leaks regardless of their size, or how hidden they are. How accurate is leak detection, is the technology […]

How Do Thermal Imaging Cameras Work?

Thermal imaging cameras are used to detect areas or surfaces with extreme heat energy. They are electronic, handheld gadgets that are designed with visual displays to help identify heat energy. These devices have heat sensors fixed to a special kind of lens. They are mostly used by firefighters to detect areas with fire even through […]

What Causes Swimming Pool Leaks?

large leaking swimming pool

Have you ever looked at your swimming pool and had that strange feel that something is not right? The water level appears lower than you left it yesterday, the pavement and grass near the pool looks wet and saturated? Well, you aren’t alone; hundreds of homeowners across the UK have to contend with leaking swimming […]