Blaise Castle Estate, Bristol

Blaise Castle was built as a summerhouse for Thomas Farr, a wealthy merchant in the 17s. It was made in the highest part of Blaise Estate. The castle has two floors and wooden stairs to give access to the top for a great view. The Blaise Castle is among many wonderful things you can find in Bristol. People here are friendly, and service providers are excellent. One of the services that is much needed in Bristol is leak detection.

Leak Detection in Bristol

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Blaise Castle Estate is a significant attraction to those who have visited it before, and you can also be a loyal visitor once you find out amazing things to do here on a low budget.

Attractions to Blaise Castle Estate, Bristol

  • Horse riding. In Blaise Castle Estate, there is horse riding which is guided by volunteers in Blaise Castle Estate. You enjoy a horse ride as you are taken through the views of the castle. This is an excellent activity for you or your kids.
  • Play area. Of course, nobody doesn’t like sites without a children’s play area, especially if you have kids. Blaise Castle Estate has a moderately equipped play area, and it’s among the most prominent outdoor play areas in Bristol. There are substantial inflatable castles usually installed during summer, but aside from that, there a treehouse, a long slide, and a rope climbing web.
  • Castle walk. This is almost one and a half mile walk which takes about forty minutes. During the walk, you get to enjoy gorgeous woodland trails and grasslands. This park is mostly used by the locals to walk their dogs because the paths are well-curated, and the open spaces are suitable for dog training.
  • Cycling. This is actually a sport in Blaise Castle Estate whereby locals come and cycle together. The distance is increased by including the parking space for more length.
  • Blaise House Museum. This is found with Blaise Castle Estate and has a whole art gallery to showcase all the history of Bristol, items used, and economic activities carried on during the ancient times.
  • Picnic. Blaise Castle Estate is surrounded by woodlands and has a stream. This is an excellent combo for a perfect picnic on the weekend or on a sunny Sunday. You can find a space along the stream or, better still, use the benches that are well spread throughout the Blaise Castle Estate and relish a nice picnic with great views.

While still in Bristol, check out M Shed, Bristol, for more adventures.

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