Black Country Living Museum

Black Country Living Museum is an award-winning expansive open-air museum located 10 miles West of Birmingham. This museum has been preserved to tell the story of industrialization in Britain. Experiencing this museum is like a glimpse of living in the ancient Black Country. The idea to create this museum begun in 1960 after rapid economic changes that led to the closure of many industrial operations. To preserve the heritage of Black Country, an exhibition was held in 1967 that to the natal of Black Country Living Museum.

Attractions in the Black Country Living Museum

  • Transport. The expansive size of the museum gives it a good advantage to adequately display and demonstrate the many transport means used in the Black Country. By rail, the Black Country people used trams. These trams have transported so many people to the museums and, in return, have turned to be a major attraction to the museum. There are trolleybuses, motorcars, and motorcycles well preserved in the Black Country Living Museum. Transport was a major economic contributor to Britain’s industrialization.
  • Gallery. There is a showroom in Black Country Living Museum where various collections from ancient history are displayed. For example, the early Sunbeam motor, Regina Enamelware, and Tangye stationery engine, among others.
  • Coal mine. There are demonstrations on coal mining in Black Country Living Museum. This is done underground, and the workers there try to make it look and feel as realistic as possible. During industrialization, the production of coal caused smoke that in turn led to so many deaths to the British people.
  • Metal works. This is another amazing experience to enjoy in Black Country Living Museum. The hot metal and chain smelting demonstrations are well done and explained by showmanship. Do not worry about the dangers as the personnel are trained on keeping themselves and the visitors safe. The sound of hammers and anvils, burning furnaces makes the metal works experience more real.
  • The classroom. This is one activity you do not want to miss when you visit Black Country Living Museum. The experience is so authentic and relatable, especially to those who experienced the old way of schooling. It is also a good discovery for the current generation and having an opportunity to compare both.
  • Boat dock. This dock has been in existence for over 250 years, including the boats. They represent the life of people who lived and worked in the Black Country canals. If interested, you can enjoy a boat ride in the canal.
  • The street shops. Black Country Living Museum has a whole street with workshops, a fish and chips café, a pub, among others. The workshops display most of the ancient equipment that was used during industrialization in Britain. Some of the ornaments in the display are mimicked during the metal works sessions. The fish and chips café is famous that frequent visitors of Black Country Living Museum advise visitors to walk in hungry and grab this delicacy. The meal is prepared using an old recipe and normally served in printed papers folded into cone shapes.

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