Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

It was formally known as Birmingham Nature Center; before this name, it was called Birmingham Zoo. The Park covers an area of approximately 6.5 acres (2.6 ha). The specific location of this Park is on the edge of Cannon Hill Park. This the home of unique animals from all parts of the world; this is not the only attraction site in the largest town of Birmingham; there is also another attraction site such as Cannon Hill Park, which is a few minutes drive from Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park.

History of Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

This Park is believed to be once part of the Pebble Mill (16th-century filling mill). The Dudley Zoological Society opened Birmingham Wildlife Park in the year of 1964. It was a home of various species, which are especially young animals but it currently hosts animals like Red Panda, Otters, Lemurs, and reptiles. Some of the animals found at the Park are endangered in the wild, and a vital role is played in protecting the species from extinction.

Unfortunately, the Park was shut down in 1973 without any apparent reasons; one full calendar later, Birmingham City Council re-opened it again to the public. The little gem zoo was officially rebranded Wildlife Birmingham Conservation Park in 2014.

This is an ideal place for you and your family to be specific with your children. They will have a gander at different animals, especially those animals which are endangered species. Highlighted below are a couple of things you can do with your family and children in the Park.

Things to do in Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

  • Like any other site that kids mostly like, there must be a playground. Birmingham Wildlife Park is not left out of this.
  • Education, all sort of human visiting this place must be educated about wildlife conservation and breeding pragmas. Being the fact that some animals in the Park are almost coming to extinction, for instance, Northern Bald Idis one of the most endangered species of birds. Through the teaching of the breeding program will help to curb this problem.
  • Animal Sponsorship, the minimum amount for Sponsorship is £25. Usually, the Sponsorship lasts for 12months, where you will be given an animal ID card. You can contribute to conserve yourself or buy for someone.
  • Interact and have fun with the animals. As obvious, the primary reason for visiting this place is to see all the animals. You can come along with the Red Pandas, Wallabies, Lemurs, and Otters, and you can also take photos with this unique animals.
  • The Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park holds various events throughout the year. Some of the events are seasonal events, including Christmas, Santa visits, Halloween competitions Easter activities. There are also summer school holiday activities.
  • Children’s Parties can also be hosted in this Park. You can only pay £27 per hour, and your kid’s party will make memorable, for instance, a birthday party.

The city of Birmingham is full of various attraction sites; apart from meeting endangered species at the Birmingham Wildlife Park, you can also have a gander at Birmingham Botanical Garden and Glasshouses.

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