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Benefits of Acoustic Leak Detection

When ADI engineers have to find the source of a leak they can choose from a wide range of equipment. Even though each one of our engineers has several years of experience in working within the leak detection industry we feel it is still important that each member of our team has access to the latest in leak detection technology. So when we are called to your property to find the source of your leak our engineers need to make a judgement call on which tool to use to find each specific type of either a water or gas leak.

If the leak is above ground then our engineers will probably deploy thermal imaging camera systems to check for signs of a water leak or water damage inside your walls or possibly in your ceiling also. But if the leak is below ground, and probably several feet below ground, then thermal imaging cameras are not as useful. In these situations our team members will most likely deploy an acoustic leak detector instead. This highly advanced piece of leak detection technology gives our engineers the ability to listen for leaks buried deep underground and not only detect the location of the leak but also how severe it is and we can even tell what that particular water pipe is made from and all of this is made possible by our acoustic natural gas leak detectors. Our ongoing commitment to investing in the very best in domestic leak detection tools and training required to use them is what allows us to perform such exacting work.

So rest assured that our engineers always strive to use the best possible combination of leak detection equipment to provide you with the fastest, most cost-effective and thorough central heating leak detection investigation possible whilst still offering you exceptional value for money – because we understand that this is a major factor for customers during these tough economic times.