Belgrave Hall

The Belgrave Hall is a museum situated on the northern edge of the City of Leicester. It is currently closed for winter and will re-open its doors to the public in April. The museum is a historic site providing its visitors with an oasis of peace and quietness in the middle of a large and busy city.

Historical Background

The hall was initially built for the purposes of being a family home for Edmund and Ann Cradock in 1709. It was built in the midst of 2 acres of walled gardens in Belgrave. The owners of the housed happened to pass away two years after its completion and it came to be owned by more different families over the cause of time, including the Simons family which lived there for 45 years, the Vann family which lived there for 78 years, the Ellis family for 76 years, and the Thomas Morley family for 13 years.

After this, the Leicester City Council purchased the property and turned it into a museum.

Major Attractions

Beautiful Gardens 

The museum opens the door its beautiful gardens from April to September only during Wednesdays and the first full weekend of the month. The site offers a breath-taking scenery to everyone.


The hall is a three-storey building in an unadorned classical style, laid in Flemish bond, hence creating a chequered kind of pattern. The road frontage is also installed with iron gates, all this bringing out some amazing sense of architectural work and serving as an attraction to people who want to learn about its architectural history.



The museum sits on a 2 acre piece of land which is a quite large amount of space to occupy, but this in turn helps in provision of a large area for touring, and that’s exactly what visitors that come here normally do. There is no restriction of movement so one can take their time exploring all around and familiarize themselves with the whole museum’s surrounding.


Most museums have guides to help in guiding you through the museum, but they also serve another purpose which is educating people about the particular museum. The Belgrave Hall Museum is no different, and has a number of guides well-equipped with the history of the Hall in their brains, helping any one intending to learn about it.

Surprise special events

While enjoying your visit, could be a visit to the gardens, one could be lucky to enjoy a surprise special event organized by the museum.

Wedding parties

The Belgrave Hall museum allows anyone with the intention of using the venue for a wedding ceremony to do so, and all one has to do is contact the museum and book the venue.

Ghost watches

People enjoy ghost-watching at the museum too. Numerous teenagers and adults find the spot amusing and perfect for this.


The museum hosts festivals like the food festivals that a lot of local and non-locals seem to enjoy, and it is definitely becoming famous day in day out.

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