We understand that a Leak Detection appointment doesn’t usually come at the top of somebody’s ‘Wish List’ when it comes to things you could spend your money on!

But we truly believe in the value that our service brings to our customers, and there is one customer in particular from Woodford Green whose story we’d like to share with you.

To protect her identity and for the purpose of this blog, we’ll call her Natalie.

It’s safe to say we’ve heard our fair share of horror stories and nightmare experiences that our customers have been through before they pick up the phone to us.(We serve commercial clients too)

This customer literally thought they were going to have to sell their house due to the extent of the water damage and not being covered under insurance

Read on to see how we helped her.

Leak Detection Services Equipment Whitley BayNatalie was just about to have some brand new solid wooden flooring laid down in her home, something that should be a satisfying and exciting experience for any homeowner!

Her builder was lifting up the old floorboards in preparation for the new flooring and came to her with some news that no homeowner ever wants to hear. They had found sitting water in the foundations of the property.

In an attempt to solve the problem, Natalie had all the internal pipework in the area re-done, including all the shower pipework (which was probably not light or inexpensive work), but still the problem was getting worse whenever she ran the kitchen sink, with water continuing to accumulate underneath the floors.

Natalie had A CCTV camera survey carried out on the external drains by a Drainage Company, and they reported that there was absolutely no problem with the drains!

A few disjoints, but no cracks, nothing collapsed, nothing abnormal, and certainly nothing that could warrant the amount of water discovered underneath the house.

The Drainage Company then instructed Natalie to have all the internal pipework of the property investigated for leaks, and that was when Natalie made the call to us.

We listened to Natalie’s story and booked her in for a non-invasive Leak Detection appointment with Mark, one of our specialist Engineers.

On the day of the appointment, Mark systematically went through all the pipework of the property, the internal and external water mains, and all the hot feeds and cold feeds. But guess what? Still no leaks were detected. When we received the phone call from Mark in the office, we remembered Natalie’s story and made sure Mark was absolutely certain he hadn’t missed anything!

The pressure testing methods we use are pretty definitive, if there was a leak on any of the clean pipework this would have shown up straight away – with a visible drop in pressure on the pressure gauges.

Mark assured us that all Natalie’s clean pipework was perfectly sound, but when the kitchen tap was opened, water was escaping from the sink waste and running directly underneath the floor – which is something that would require further investigation by the drainage Engineer, and should have been picked up in the CCTV camera survey!

Just look at the extent of the waste water accumulating underneath the suspended floor:

Water Damage Inside The Clients Home

So what happens when a Leak Detection appointment reveals no leak on any of the clean, sealed pipework in a property?

Our Engineers will do everything they possibly can to help move the situation forward and get the problem resolved by the right person.

First and foremost, after every single Leak Detection appointment, regardless of whether or not there is a leak, our Engineers write up a detailed report. We take photos of any damage present on arrival, we list everything that was tested during the appointment, every testing method, and details and photos of any work carried out to access and rectify the leak.

This report serves three main purposes. 1. It proves what was leaking at the time of testing, and it also proves what wasn’t leaking at the time of testing. 2. It enables other contractors to take over the investigation if necessary, if other works are required, such as a damp survey, tiling, a roof leak detection, etc. 3. It enables our customers to claim for the works on their buildings insurance if they have cover.

tracer gas detectorNatalie had been informed that she did not have any cover for this work by her insurance provider, and she was mortified at the thought of having to pay for a leak detection for no reason other than being let down by the Drainage Company.

So Mark decided to take a closer look at Natalie’s insurance policy, and with lots of experience in this field he managed to spot that she did in fact have cover! And he helped her get the claim accepted.

The customer’s insurance surveyor confirmed our findings and it turned out the company that carried out the CCTV survey was a rip off company. Sadly, they never sent Natalie her report, or the videos from the survey and they never returned her phone calls.

It’s awful that some of our customers have to go through things like this. But it gives us a real sense of fulfilment that someone can find such value in our work, even as in this case when there was no leak to be found.

Here are some of Natalie’s words:

“Engineer was absolutely amazing. He literally saved my life! We really thought we were going to have to vacate the house, patch up the damage and sell it.”

And the review Natalie kindly left us on Checkatrade:

“Mark is very knowledgable about his trade. Explained all work to be done and also possible outcomes.

Never expected this kind of service and customer care from a company found as a google search.

The plumber Mark who arrive for my appointment was a god send, this gentleman went above and beyond to help me in a moment when my world was crashing in.

I am so thankful for ADI as a company who employs great trades men who are actually have full experience and knowledge.”

We would like to send out a huge thank you to this customer. We sincerely hope they were able to get the problem on the waste resolved and we are delighted that in the end they did not have to sell their house!

Thinking of putting your house on the market because of a leak???

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