Bakersfield’s History

Bakersfield is a popular residential area in Nottingham East. This suburb was established in the 1930s. It was created with the mixed council and some private houses. There are so many spaces for gardens which is the best feature of the council housing. The developers added more features later on. Some of the additional features include a supermarket, shops, and post office. Ideally, they could offer the housing before adding any other features.

The Rio cinema was launched in 1939 near Oakdale Road. However, it was shut down due to the Television onslaught in 1959. It was then turned into a super nightclub. After several years of operating, the nightclub was then changed into a shop.

Amenities in the area include;

  • Public houses
  • Medical center
  • Community center
  • Restaurants
  • Schools


Some of the former landmarks, such as the Oakdale, have become a community center. During the Second World War, it was utilized as a bomb shelter. This was a remarkable public house that met your sight just as you enter Bakersfield. It is currently under use ass a store-Tesco Local Store. The name Oakdale was derived from a large tree that stood in that place. The tree was damaged by bad weather, and it was felled due to avoid injuries and any other form of damage.

When it comes to transport, Bakersfield has nice systems. They have a railway that runs along the A612 road. The rail links Netherfield and Grantham. However, since the Racecourse station closed in 1959, the area has never developed another station.

Things to do

  • You can enjoy the expansive outdoor space with your family and friends
  • The restaurants in the area have the best food
  • You can take a look at the various cultural items
  • If you love shopping, you can enjoy it in the supermarkets

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Bakersfield Nottingham is one of the best places to live. The area has all you may ever need. Even if you are just starting your career and would like to push it to incredible heights, you can choose Bakersfield or Snape Wood to be your home. There are restaurants, stores, supermarkets, and schools for your children. Besides, you will have a lot to learn about the ancient developments in the area. Also, when you have any water damage issues, you can always reach out to leak detection experts in your area.

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