Avon Valley Railway (Bitton Station), Bristol

 Avon Valley Railway is part of the famous railway line that was shut down in 1966. It is widely known for linking the former Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway, which had its northern terminal at Bath Green Park station. It was located near the Midland Railway and Scottish Railway.

The Midland Railway was then opened up to cater to British Industrial Midlands travelers. This was so especially during Saturdays when many people traveled to the southern part for beach moments, Dorset and the English South Beaches. And since the demand for travel increased the number of trains had to be increased too. More S&D trains were also allowed to run on the railways, although it was owned and run by the Midland Railway.

Both stations exist presently. However, the lines were once removed, and from 2000, a dual carriageway was developed. The remaining part of the line was developed to Bristol and Bath Railway Path.

What to do in Avon Valley Railway

Presently, the Avon Valley Railway is open to the public.

  • The trains run on weekends and school holidays.
  • The buffet at the station is open to the public daily except on Christmas day.
  • You can view the Victorian station, which was restored
  • You can take a nice ride in one of the vintage carriages.
  • You can have tea or lunch at the station buffet.
  • Besides, you have an opportunity to grab yourself a railway-themed souvenir in the gift shop at the station.
  • You can bring your dogs to the station since they are welcome on many days. However, you cannot bring your pet during special events, family events, and near the dining trains.
  • you can enjoy a nature walk at the station
  • You can visit the various museums in the area.

Major Tourist Attractions in the Avon Valley Railway

  • The Midland Railway
  • The Bristol and Bath Railway Path
  • The Museums in the area
  • The amazing Outdoor space for all ages
  • the vintage trains
  • and the dining trains

There is a lot you can see and do in Avon Valley Railway. You can enjoy the heritage train runs and the dining in one of the vintage trains. You can have tea and lunch in the buffet and enjoy some outdoor space with your family.

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