Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park, Bristol

Just as the name suggests, Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park is one adventurous place to explore with friends and family. The activities here are suitable for both adults and children. This place has been an attraction to the Bristol locals and also visitors exploring Bristol.

Attractions to the Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park

  • Fire pit nights. This is an exclusive evening activity held in Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park. This activity is only meant for adults and includes roasting marshmallows under your own gazebo as you sip on your beer. There is a temporary set bar to serve you drinks, a kitchen to serve you pizzas, and a deejay playing good music for you to dance to. Fire pit nights are normally done on Friday and Saturday nights. This is something beautiful to experience with your partners or your boys.
  • Camping. The park has vast grounds excellent for a family camping experience. Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park is known in Bristol to have the most fantastic camping facilities. The Avon Valley grounds are open and spacious, making it possible for people to play some games.
  • Dinosaur Valley. Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park has animatronic dinosaurs that look and mimic real dinosaurs. This is a remarkable experience, especially for kids or anyone who is a dinosaur fan. The park has added five more dinosaurs a size of the real ones. This has led to the establishment of a research lab that is used in the construction of animatronic dinosaurs.
  • Mini Jeep Safari. This is for the kids who have always wanted to experience how an off-road ride would feel like. The Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park has an off-road ground that kids can drive on in the open mini jeeps. The jeeps are well articulated for children’s use. Therefore, no need for adults to drive them. However, this activity is limited to a specific age group.
  • Wildlife. The Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park has the wildlife side where you get to explore numerous wild animals. There are meerkats that you can marvel at them as they chat with each other. There are foxes that you can spot them as they sleep a lot during the day if you are lucky enough. Then there are pygmy goats, llama, and tortoise. There are farm animals in the park, like chickens, goats, and pigs. The birds here include the owls, which are beautiful to watch.

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