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Avoid Massive Water Damage Using Water Leak Detection in Southwest

If you have noticed excessive moisture or damp spots where there shouldn’t be any, you may have a central heating leak behind the walls or under the foundation.  ADI offers incredible water leak detection in the Southwest, locating leaks quickly and precisely.

Water damage can be pernicious and causes a variety of problems.  Damp basements provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.  Black mold can cause respiratory problems and other illnesses.  Mildew eats through a variety of materials and can also impact the health of residents.  In damp basements where appliances are stored, the ambient moisture can cause rust build up which damages washing machines, dryers, and any other metal stored in the basement area.

Water leak detection in the Southwest can be a stress free experience.  While finding leaks is difficult for companies without the proper equipment, ADI uses a variety of methods to quickly and easily locate the source of leaks.

Using our methods, your floors and walls can be left intact while only the area directly affected is removed. Don’t wait until the damage from water is extensive, when a simple assessment is absolutely free.

Call ADI today, at 08007313843, to schedule a free no obligation quote that includes detection and repair services.

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