Attenborough Arts Centre

Attenborough Arts Centre is the University of Leicester’s arts Centre, it’s located along Lancaster Road, Leicester. It is one of the top art centers which takes pride in being both accessible and inclusive. The Centre is famous for hosting awards and grants events from giant organizations, including BBC, Leicestershire promotions, among others.

The History of Attenborough Arts Centre

It was inspired by a famous actor and a filmmaker, Richard Attenborough. The Centre was opened in the year 1997 by Diana Princes of wales. She was the royal highness of the famous Richard Attenborough. The center’s continued development was from the funds donated by Attenborough for six years. Due to increased demand for gallery space, there was a need for expansion. As a result, the East side of the building was expanded by 300 square meters. In 2015, Michael Attenborough and Peter Bazalgette opened a new art gallery with the help of donations from the University of Leicester and the Arts Council of England.

Attenborough is one of the Arts centers in the UK which offers excellent facilities for various learning courses. From workshops and art exhibitions to children activities and creative courses, the list is many. Currently, the Centre can accommodate up to 86,000 students from both local and international.

Major Attractions

  1. Leicester Cathedral

Explore the church and discover various impressive facets. This is the final place where King Richard III laid to rest.

  1. New Walk Museum

For lovers of dinosaurs, it is very much certain that the new walk museum is going to be a big treatment.

  1. Abbey Park

Abbey park is a complete charm with large open spaces so you can be sure of freshness. It also boasts boat riding at a reasonable cost.

  1. Curve Theatre

Enjoy live performances, comedy stories, and special exhibitions under this iconic building. It is nicely laid out and looks impressive.

  1. National space Centre

Best known as a science museum, the National space centre is a perfect destination to learn about the solar system. It offers plenty of interaction and an incredible planetarium.

  1. King Richard III visitor Centre

Take a tour to explore the great King Richard III’s tomb. You will be guided all along to ensure your visit is complete.

  1. King Power Stadium

Love for sport? This is a football pitch owned by Leicester city football club. It offers an opportunity to witness great Leicester City’s players.

Activities carried out at Attenborough Arts Centre

  1. Social Climbing

Join friendly people and experience fantastic climbing boulders that will perfectly suit your abilities. Enjoy a positive vibe while supporting each other.

  1. Tropical Birdland

Enjoy a beautiful environment with amazing birds surrounding.

Take a walk to woodlands and discover spectacular parrots. Enjoy feeding these amazing birds with nuts.

  1. A tour to Victoria Park

The park offers a relaxed environment from the hustle and bustle of the city Centre. Enjoy quick strolls, jogging, dog walking, and more. Ample parking space available.

  1. A tour to University of Leicester Botanic Garden

Enjoy walking along the nicely cultivated grounds, with various plants that flourish when summer falls.

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