Arnolfini Arts, Bristol

The location of Arnolfini Arts is what draws more visitors into it. Its located on Bristol’s harbor side. Since 1961 Arnolfini Arts is known for its diverse contemporary arts and presents visual arts in form of dances and music. Arnolfini is part of the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Attractions to Arnolfini Arts

  • Harbourside Bar. The location of this bar will make you lose track of the number of beer glasses you have gulped. The environment is serene and very relaxing. You get to sip your beer as you gaze at the water and the activities at the harbor. The bar is still open, and the management has put all the necessary World Health Organization protocols to keep everybody safe, including the staff.
  • Lemonade press. This is a printmaking demonstration that is carried out in Arnolfini. This is an ancient way of printing books that were in the history of Bristol. Visitors are treated to these activities, and sometimes you might engage, which makes it more exciting. The founder of the Lemonade press to replicate the ancient one is Catherine Ade.
  • Bristol Beer Factory. This is an excellent experience in Arnolfini. This beer factory was established in 2004 and serves various types of beers. On request, visitors can be taken through the manufacturing process, and in the end, beer is dispensed into your glass from the factory. Homemade beer tastes great, just like homemade coffee.
  • Cloudspotting. This is a yoga and meditation-like activity. The visitors in Arnolfini Arts are engaged in this activity but at a cost. The aim is to get you rested with audio presentations to make the atmosphere even more favorable.
  • Arnolfini Bookshop. Arnolfini Arts has a great collection of books, from kids’ books to culture and ideas and numerous prints. The materials in this bookshop are mainly history-oriented and if history fascinates you then shopping for a book in Arnolfini Bookshop is an excellent idea. The materials here can also be important for history scholars and researchers. There is a shipping option but at an extra cost.
  • Arnolfini shop. This is a souvenir shop that you can purchase something to remind you of Bristol. A great city to explore.

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