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Are You Accidentally Drinking Contaminated Water?

Having water leaking down your walls or puddling on your floor is annoying, expensive and can totally disrupt your life. The last thing you want to have to do is get somebody in to find the problem for you and then fix it. It’s just “one of those things” that you’ll put off until you can’t wait a moment longer.

But the reality is this – leaks in pipes very rarely appear overnight. They’re usually brewing away in the background for years before the problem becomes so obvious that you can’t ignore it anymore. That’s usually when people are quickest to react – when the problem is literally pouring out of their walls or down through their ceiling.

There’s one aspect that people don’t take into account at all however and that’s the health implication of having a water leak. Did you know that a leaking water pipe could mean that you’re drinking water that is contaminated with all types of unsavory material? Yes really – this isn’t some scare tactic.

The initial pinhole leaks in your pipes could lead to low water pressure initially before they fail and need to be completely repaired. And while those pinhole central heating leak are there you could quite easily be drinking water that’s laced with lead and copper amongst other things. That’s not considering the bacteria that could have leaked in from the outside soil or within wall cavities. Have you ever noticed that the water in your taps has been discolored at times? Even the smallest change in the color of your water could indicate a gas leak somewhere in your pipes.

You only get one body and you need to take the best possible care of it and drinking clean water each day is a huge part of that. Don’t let a silly water leak affect your health – ADI can find that leak for you in no time!

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