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An Introduction to ADI

Welcome to the blog of ADI leak detection who are one of the leading leak detection providers in the United Kingdom. Our plan is to use the blog as a way of sharing news, advice and tips with you and if nothing else to let you know exactly what ADI can do for you when it comes to detecting and then dealing with the issue of a gas or water leak on domestic commercial or industrial property.

As we add more information to the blog you’ll get a much better overview of just how broad our services are and just how skilled each one of our team is. As a company ADI have been providing leak detection for hundreds of satisfied customers all over the UK since 1998 and we’re building on that success to expand our operations to cover more counties and the towns and villages located there. You’re dealing with a company that has been in the business of helping customers with their leaks for well over a decade.

At ADI we take our job of gas leak detection very seriously and the level of both training and equipment that our staff use during their leak investigation surveys are a testament to just how serious we are. Each member of the ADI engineering team is a fully trained plumbing and heating system engineers so you have the peace of mind of dealing with professionals from the first moment you contact us.

But we understand that being professional alone isn’t enough and that providing outstanding customer service is equally important and to that end we work hard to ensure that each on of you, our valued customers, feels just that – valued. Far too many companies treat their customers like a number. Not so with ADI – we treat each one of our customers as an individual and nothing less.

We hope you enjoy our blog and we look forward to hearing from you!