As part of our entry into the blogosphere ADI Leak Detection decided to have the managing director of ADI provide you with a short interview to get a better idea of where ADI came from and how we operate our business.

Peter Jones: “Mr. Morgan can you explain what prompted you to start the ADI leak detection service?”

A.R. Morgan: “Well Peter I’d been working in the plumbing trade for quite some time and had seen customers receive some very shoddy work from my “competitors” in that time. In the end I realized that providing non-destructive leak detection was what people were looking for. Nobody wants a trades person turning their home upside down trying to find a leak.”

Peter Jones: “So your decision was based on the fact that you wound up repairing the poor work done by other companies then I take it?”

A.R. Morgan: “Exactly Peter – the residential and business property market was crying out for a solution so I decided to make a large investment in equipment and training and give people what they were so desperately in need of.”

Peter Jones: “And what has the feedback been like since you started operating this service in 1998?”

A.R. Morgan “The feedback from our customers has been fantastic – they’re literally stunned with the results we provide them with. Professionalism used to be something you could take for granted in the UK but it’s taken a lot of hard on our part to make it a reality for customers again. Just providing a fast and professional service at reasonable prices is all that customers really want so it wasn’t really rocket science in figuring out how to give them exactly that”.

Peter Jones: “Besides your focus on providing a great service is there anything else which you feel sets ADI apart from other people in the leak detection business?”

A.R. Morgan: “Well other things that make a difference is that we can guarantee our work and our engineers are covered by public liability insurance up to a value of £2,000,000. This means our customers can enjoy total peace of mind from the moment we turn up to the moment we leave”.

Peter Jones: “So you focus on providing as complete a service as possible for each customer then?”

A.R. Morgan: “That’s exactly it. Our vans are stocked with enough parts and equipment to fix most leaks there and then and each of our engineers is a fully qualified and trained leak detection, plumbing and heating engineer so we can even work on a central heating system leak if that’s what our customers require. We also have the brilliant Monique leading customer service for ADI”.

Peter Jones: “Mr. Morgan thank you very much for your time today and we wish you the best of luck with your business”.