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Advanced Water Leak Detection Repair Services

Each year, residents of the UK face the threat of water pipe leaks in and around their home. Winter weather can cause water pipes to freeze, then thaw. This cycle of freeze and thaw makes the pipes flex, creating weak points that will eventually develop into leaks. Advanced water leak repairs services can help mitigate this threat, though. If leaks are left untreated or undetected, they can create serious damage to your home, including damage to the floors, walls and furnishings. The threat of mold growth is also present.

ADI offers advanced natural gas leak detection and repair services to ensure that your home is protected. Our innovative detection services are non-invasive, as well. That means that homeowners never have to worry that a technician will come to their home and have to tear up floorboards or cut out huge wall sections. Utilizing advanced thermal imaging techniques, snake cameras and moisture detectors, our technicians can locate the leak without the need to destroy your home in the process. Once located, repairs are swift, accurate and affordable.

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