Admiralty Arch, London

Admiralty Arch is a landmark building in London, England. This building is known to provide road and pedestrian access between The Mall, this the most trusted landmark in London. Admiralty Arch extends to the southwest, and Trafalgar Square is located on the northeast of the most trusted landmark. This memorable landmark is found in the city or town of London, South Western postcode area (SW1). There are many things you as a visitor may need doing near this, some other attraction sites near this Arch include London Bridge, Chicago the Musical London, and many others.

History of Admiralty Arch, London

The Admiralty Arch was built and completed in 1912. The main purpose of the construction was to commemorate Queen Victoria’s death, which King Edward VII commissioned. The impressive building was designed by Sir Webb, and the Architecture firm involved is Aston Webb, Sir Aston, and Partners. The construction was done by John Mowlem &Co; it is now graded as Grade I in the list buildings.

Admiralty Arch was formally used by the Sea Lords, also known as the leaders of the Royal Navy, as offices and residence. The name is believed to have originated from the nearby Royal Navy Headquarters. Currently, most British Government offices are found in the Admiralty Arch. This Arch was sold a few years ago (2012) to Rafael Serrano, an investor from Spanish who is also the CEO of Prime Investors Capital who leased the offices for a 250 years contract.

Attraction site in Admiralty Arch, London

  • On the northernmost inside of the Arch wall, there is a small Protrusion which is of the same size and shape as a human nose. Artist Rick Buckley places this nose-like structure there in the year 1997 as part of a campaign which was against “Big Brother” society.
  • Buckingham Palace is the first thing you need to see before walking onto the Mall. It is actually a wonderful place and very ideal, full of history, and offers an excellent opportunity for all tourists globally.
  • Statue of Captain James Cook, walking southern part of the Mall you will this. It was completed in 1914 and maintained by The Royal Parks.
  • The National Gallery, this art museum in Trafalgar Square in the city of Westminster as a visitor you can visit this place.
  • National Police Memorial is just located on the edge of St James Park; this place is accessed from the MallMall. The memorial commemorates over 3800 police officers who were killed during their line of duty.

Activities carried out in Admiralty Arch.

  • Religious activities this is being aided by St. Paul Cathedral.
  • Restaurants and cafes. Since the building is being converted to a hotel, eating your favorite food or meal is guaranteed.
  • You can also get your bottle of beer, whisker, or wine from the nearby pubs; this includes Old Shades, Walkers of Whitehall Pub, and the Admiralty Trafalgar Square.
  • Trading activities can also be done near Admiralty Arch, and this is because of the Jubilee Market, Charing Cross Collectors Market, and The Apple Market.

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