Hi I’m Peter Jones, I run the advertising campaigns for ADI.

Now it’s all well and good sat here trying to get ADIs Non-invasive method out to the general public, which I must say, I’ve been involved in from the start and believe in, and am inspired by every single day.

Never have I felt that I am wasting my time and have great admiration for the whole team. But until now I have not had time to really stop and talk to the staff in the office.

I wanted to find out their story and how they felt about their work with ADI.

So I arranged to sit with Monique for a while. And this is how it rolled.

Pete: Hi Monique! We thought we’d take this opportunity to find out a bit more about you and your experience working with ADI. So can you tell us a bit about your role in the company?

Monique: Hi Pete! Sure! My main purpose is to assess the incoming calls, and try and explain our non-invasive Leak Detection process in a way that is easy for people to understand. It’s quite a technical and complex service, so I try and break it down and paint a picture of exactly what we do and how the day will unfold.

Of course my aim is turn the inquiries into bookings… or in other words, to sell our service! But I also try and obtain as much information as I can from the customer. I ask a lot of questions to get an idea of the potential size and “findability” of the leak. If I think the leak is too small, I’ll be honest about that because at the end of the day we only really want to book the jobs where we are going to stand the best chances of getting results for our customers – leading to great reviews from customers who love ADI!

As well as the sales, I also oversee the admin, I have written some of the blogs and website content, and taken photos for the website.

I also provide general support to Adrian with whatever he needs to ensure the company runs smoothly.

Pete: So you do a bit of everything, sounds good! And how long have you been working for ADI?

Monique: I started working for ADI in January 2017… so in the New Year it will be three years. I can’t believe how much it’s flown!

Pete: And how did you first get involved with the company?

Monique: Well that’s quite an unusual story! It wasn’t exactly your average application through ‘Indeed’ or the like. I had recently returned home from working on a conservation and development project in Brazil. I had no job at the time, but a friend of mine had got me into Scuba Diving, and I was in the process of getting my Open Water qualification so I could go on a diving trip on a LiveAboard in Egypt.

It turned out Adrian and I had the same Scuba Instructor (shout out to Martin Crew of ScubaCrew!) and I met him on one of the training nights. Actually I think he had missed the training but made it in time to meet us afterwards at the pub – funny that! Anyway we got talking and he told me about his Leak Detection business which I thought sounded really interesting! He said that business was thriving and he could really use some extra help in the office, so we scheduled a trial day and the rest is history!

Swimming Pool Diver Leak Detection Specialists

It was only supposed to be a temporary arrangement but we work very well together and I love that I get to see the company from all angles. So two and a half years later I’m still here, haha! And since then we have continued to grow and expand, with the most notable change being the development of the Swimming Pool Leak Detection aspect of the business.

Pete: Wow, definitely not your average recruitment story, that’s for sure! So what do you love most about your role?

Monique: I love the interaction with my customers over the phone. Dealing with a leak is not usually something people enjoy or consider to be a fun experience, so I love it when I can make it light hearted, when I can get a laugh out of people, or get them intrigued and interested in the process. You wouldn’t believe some of the stories people tell me. A lot of our customers have been through a lot of stress when they call us so it’s nice to be able to lift a load off their shoulders and tell them we have a solution that will get the leak found without destroying half their house.

I also love the fact I have learnt so much about a very niche industry. I think I must be the only layperson that knows as much as I do about central heating systems, pipework in general, tracer gas testing, acoustic testing, and swimming pool filtration systems etc. I think a lot of people are surprised by my knowledge and I enjoy knowing what I’m talking about. This is because since day 1 I have always asked questions about everything I don’t understand and I’m always trying to expand my knowledge. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a qualified plumber myself, so every now and again I get asked a question I don’t know the answer to, but then I’ve always got an Engineer that I can contact to help me, or if Adrian’s in the office with me I’ll pass the query over to him.

What else? Well I definitely feel valued here. In a company like this we are all more than just employee numbers. It’s great working with Adrian. He is always trying to push our non-invasive leak detection services beyond the current limitations of the field. He’s literally obsessed with discovering new ways of finding leaks, whether in pipework or swimming pools. Or simply new ways of explaining things to our customers. Even new features for the website such as a new calculator which will help pool owners figure out how much water their leaking pool is losing and how much it’s costing them!

During the past two and a half years I have witnessed the swimming pool leak detection process transform from just an idea to what is now a slick, results driven, comprehensive, value-for-money service. I have witnessed as new equipment is discovered, altered and re-designed to improve the efficiency of the service and I honestly do find it fascinating.

My job is definitely not ‘normal’! And people are always surprised when I say what I do but somehow it just works. I would definitely rather be here than in a company where the Director doesn’t even know I exist.

Pete: That’s interesting, I can see how it must be pretty different to your average job, but it’s great that you get a well-rounded experience of different aspects of the company. So what do you think sets ADI apart from others in your field?

Monique: Well, several things. As I’m sure Adrian’s already told you, he was the first person to combine the methods that now make up our Leak Detection toolkit, and bring non-invasive leak detection to the market. Having naturally evolved from a plumbing company, we have the advantage that our Engineers are all registered plumbers and able to offer a same day repair in many cases.

We also book out the whole day for the appointment to maximise the chances of the repair being carried out on the day and I do think it helps that we don’t use call centres so we are able to give so much free advice over the phone to our customers at the first point of contact.

Pete: Absolutely. So what do you get up to when you’re not at work?

Monique: Oh nothing too crazy! I love cooking, running, yoga, travelling, a bit of Scuba Diving. I have spent a lot of time in Spain and Peru, so I keep in touch with my friends from there. I am still on the Board of Directors of the non-governmental organisation that I co-founded in Brazil several years ago, you can read about that at: www.etivdobrasil.org.  I’m passionate about environmental conservation so it feels go to know I’m involved in something that helps to minimise water wastage.

Monique In The Water

Pete: And what do you see when you look to your future with ADI?

Monique: Now that would be telling! There’s always a lot that we are working on behind the scenes. The next goal is to break the geographical boundaries of the UK market, and to me that’s too huge an opportunity to miss out on, so I will probably always be involved with the company in some way, shape or form.

Pete: Cool, well thanks so much for sharing those insights with us Monique. I better let you get back to work, but I wish you all the best for the future.

Monique: No worries, pleasure talking to you Pete, see you around!

2020 Update:

Pete: What is it like running the customer service department of ADI throughout the COVID Pandemic, while working from home?

Monique: Well, because we have such a fantastic team of engineers the problems we face are few and far between. The teams work really hard to ensure leaks are accurately found for our customers. Most of our engineers are remote and travel straight from Home to their leak detection jobs – only communicating with us in the office via our company app and telephone.

Diver In leaking Swimming Pool