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ADI Offer A Truly Comprehensive Leak Detection Service

You know what the worst thing about a water leak is? The fact that it is always going to appear when you least want it to like during the Christmas season or maybe just before you’re going to leave on holidays. Or even worse you come home from holidays and find that your house now resembles an Olympic swimming pool and not a home at all anymore.

But if you’re honest with yourself there were warning signs there before that, quite literally, screamed at you that there most definitely is something to be concerned about. The smell of dampness or having to clear up a small puddle of water over and over again in the same spot. But you ignored it because it was probably going to be too expensive to fix. Now you’re looking at a the headache of dealing with an insurance claim and several thousands pounds in water damage repair bills.

Take it from the team here at ADI that the small investment you make in having the source of that “minor” leak found and dealt with now is teeny, tiny compared to what you could wind up paying and losing in a major gas leak scenario. We can take care of both internal and external leaks including leaks underground and inside walls. Our equipment allows us to trace the source of the central heating leak to within 5cm or less of the actual source. And we do all of this without having to dig up half your garden or drill multiple holes in your walls – everything we do in terms of leak detection is entirely non-invasive.

If you think you have a leak then call ADI today – you’ll be glad that you did.

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