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ADI Complete Service Package

Once you realize that you have a central heating problems you’ll no doubt want to get it sorted as quickly as possible. It’s been enough of a nuisance to you for long enough now and you just want to call somebody to find it and fix it for you right?

There’s where it makes perfect sense to call ADI because we offer our customers a complete service when it comes to both gas leak detection and repair. Our primary focus is being the specialists in finding leaks on your property first and foremost. Our engineers are trained to detect leaks in the most efficient way possible using a wide range of ultra modern equipment like thermal imaging cameras and moisture detectors.

Then once we’ve found your leak we give you the option of using either your own plumber or allowing an ADI engineer to repair the problem for you. The choice is entirely up to you but we offer this service to make sure you’re getting as complete a service as possible form ADI. Each one of our engineers is a fully trained leak detection engineer but they’re also qualified plumbing and heating engineers too.

So when the time comes for you to deal with a water leak you have the choice of dealing with separate contractors for the leak issue and then the repair of the problem or you can opt for the ADI Complete Care package where not only do we perform a professional leak detection investigation until we find the leak but we then carry out an equally professional repair job to fix your problem once and for all.

Each day we do our best and work our hardest to give all of our customers the best possible service that we can.

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