Acoustic Leak Detention – How Does It Work?

Acoustic Water Leak Detection

Water leaks can be very hard to detect, let alone repair. And what makes it really difficult to detect leakages is that many water pipes are concealed in the ceilings, underground and behind walls. These leaks can run undetected for months before they surface. This is where Acoustic Leak Detection Services comes into play.

Undetected leaks can cause huge losses in the form of inflated water bills, as well as the physical damage to your building or ceilings.

So, what are the most obvious signs of water leaks?

  • Visible drop in water pressure
  • Unusually wet areas on floor, pavements, tiles, walls
  • Unexplained increase in water bills
  • Buckled ceilings

A simple water leak can quickly escalate into an enormous problem with far reaching consequences. It is, therefore, important to take care of leakage as soon as possible.

There are various methods to detect water leakages, and one of them is using the acoustic leak detection method.

Acoustic Water Leak Detection

How does acoustic water leak detection work?

  • Acoustic technology detects water leakages long before there is any physical evidence of leaking, potentially helping avert a major calamity.
  • It’s a non-invasive leak detection method that helps detect leaks without disrupting the service or breaking the ground. It is a cost-effective and efficient process that detects leaks in heavy pipes.
  • Although the human ear may not always pick it, all water leaks have a peculiar noise. The noises are in the form of low-frequency sounds for small leaks, while larger leaks emit a high-frequency sound.
  • The acoustic leak detection machine has special sensors that detect these noises.
  • The acoustic machine identifies the leaks through characterization and differentiation of leak sounds from the usual water flow.

Acoustic leak detection identifies the accurate location of the leak using modern sound sensors specially designed for this job. The sensor produces a loud beep when a leak is detected. Acoustic leak detection machines have advanced ground microphones for leak detection in the shortest time possible.

The machine is ideal for detecting leakages in high rise complexes, business premises, and even in homes. It’s effective in all environments regardless of the soil type, weather, and so on.

Sometimes pet’s can give us clues to the location of a leak too!

Benefits of using an acoustic leak detection method

  • Acoustic leak detection is precise as it goes beyond locating the general area of the leakage. It pinpoints the exact location, hence eliminating the need to dig the area for the problem.
  • Acoustic leak detection uses advanced technology to detect the leakage, means that you don’t have to tear up your landscaping or home in an attempt to locate the leak source.
  • Lastly, acoustic leak detection saves you money because it’s a fast, non-destructive and non-invasive method. You don’t have to physically dig up your landscape or floor looking for a leak, only to spend more money fixing the same once the leak has been identified and fixed.
  • Acoustics can even be used to find leaks in large areas such as this Quarry!

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