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Acoustic Leak Detection: How it Works

If you suspect that you have a leak but don’t know how to find it, there are a few techniques that may be used.

Acoustic central heating leak detection is one way to locate leaks in your home and stop them before they become a very serious problem. The idea behind the process is simple.

By listening to various parts of your home closely, a water leak detection can be detected. Acoustic leak detection is used inside your home to listen for the sounds water makes behind walls and under the floors. It can also be used outside to listen under patios, footpaths, driveways, and even grass.

Technicians who are performing gas leak detection simply listen for a number of sounds water makes when there’s a leak:

  • A whooshing sound indicates a problem with loss of water pressure due to a leak.
  • Clinking is the sound of stones and hard debris bumping up against the pipes as they are carried along in water outside of the pipes.
  • A thumping sound tells the technician that there’s water spraying from the pipe directly at the wall of the place where the pipes are running.
  • Splashing sounds indicate that there’s water sloshing around outside of the pipe.

In addition to pinpointing sounds, it is also important to understand how acoustic leak detection is affected by the material of the pipe. Different materials can cause sounds to travel various distances and sound louder or softer.

Only a professional can decode all the nuances involved in acoustic leak detection. Contact ADI at 08007313843 to find the source of your leak with acoustic leak detection.

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