Abbey Park Leicester

Abbey Park is a premiere park in Leicester, and it is situated approximately two miles from the city Centre. It is divided into two parts by the River Soar. The east of the river has a beautiful Victorian section of the park that is home to trees and flowers, and the west of the garden is the Abbey ground. Remains of Leicester Abbey from the twelfth century and the Cavendish mansion that goes back to the seventeenth century.

What is in the park?

This park is home to River Soar and other lakes. It has many old trees, planted areas and a section that remains unmanaged. Although the park has efficient outer walls that offer shelter to tourists, you can also find insects. For example the Lavender garden has plantings that are nectar-rich, which attract bees.

The Bee Section was planted carefully to make sure the flowering season lasts from autumn to summer. In addition, the park administration has put up extra log piles and boxes to offer shelter to the pollinators. You can see water birds when you stand by the river or lakeshores, and there are also fungi in the woody areas, especially during autumn.

The park has a variety of activities that will keep your family entertained. There is a boating lake in the middle of the park that hires boats for adults and children. During summer, you can relax your mind by peddling through the lake as you enjoy every detail of it. Worry not if you want to become active as there are several sporting activities here such as a bowling area, tennis courts, and table tennis. All these activities are ideal for anybody looking for a new skill or trying to sharpen what they already know.

Suppose you are a heritage lover; you will have fun while strolling around Leicester Abbey’s remains and the Cavendish mansion. The Abbey was among the richest in the country. You can see the remains of the abbey church among others to date when you visit the park. Please be on the lookout for the heritage interpretation to know more about the park.

All visitors to the park accept that pet corner is a great place to visit while at the park. Here, you will interact with small and tamed animals. This place has an aviary that is home to exotic birds and enclosures of hens and goats. There is a railway at the park that offers lifts during weekends, and on special occasion days, the railway includes a train station and a workshop. Feel free to visit the Peppercorn’s café in the middle of the park for refreshments.

How to reach Abby Park?

Abbey Park is found about two miles from Leicester along St Margaret Road. It has several entrances, but the main one is on Abbey Road. Pedestrians and cyclists access this park using the main entrance at the union canal.


The Abby Park is a premiere park in Leicester that is divided by a river. One side of the park has a lake, while the other is the actual ground. It is an ideal place to chill with your family.

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