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A Reminder of What ADI Leak Detection Can Do For You

When it comes to leak detection it’s important to choose a company that can cater for all of your leak detection needs. Not just a plumbing company that has a side business in leak detection but only dealing with true leak detection specialists who have the knowledge, experience and the tools to quickly and efficiently track down the source of that leak on your property.Some companies deal with central heat leak detection by just using educated guesses and brute force to find the source of your water leak – or at least what they hope is the source of your water leak. Otherwise you’re left with a collection of holes dug and drilled all over your property.

ADI take a professional approach to leak detection however in that we use the very best in leak detection equipment that’s available right now. That includes thermal imaging cameras, acoustic gas leak detectors and moisture detectors for example. It won’t matter if your leak is behind a concrete wall or underneath several feet of earth in your back yard we can still track it down with pinpoint accuracy.

And we don’t just rest on our laurels either because we’re constantly investing in new equipment and technology to ensure that each one of our business and domestic customers is getting the very best service possible from our team of specialists every single time. This means a significant investment in both equipment and training on our part but to be the best at what you do you need to put that extra effort in to keep your customers satisfied.


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