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A Quick Guide To Leak Detection

So you’re wondering how a leak detection service actually works in the first place? You understand the basics of what leak detection is about – finding and fixing leaks but do you have any understanding of how the process actually works? Let us explain it in a bit more detail right here.

The first thing to understand is that there are two basic types of leak detection. You can choose from either destructive/invasive leak detection or you can choose the non-destructive/non-invasive type of leak investigation instead.

Destructive leak detection is exactly as it sounds because it involves holes being dug and even more holes being drilled. It’s messy, noisy, expensive and leaves your home or business in a proper state. And the worst part of it all is that the “experts” who do this type of work probably won’t even find the leak in the end and just walk away.

Then you have the non-invasive leak detection method which is what the team here at ADI gas leak detection specialize in. Instead of going at the problem with a shotgun approach of “keep digging until we find it” instead we use a more precise and almost surgical approach to what we do. We don’t believe in using brute force when forethought, advanced tools and years of experience allow us to find the source of your central heating leak without having to destroy your home or business in the process. After all there’s no point in finding the leak but your home looks like it got hit by a bomb in the process now is there?

To perform the leak investigations that we do we use some really spiffy equipment like thermal imaging cameras, acoustic leak detectors and leak tracing gases amongst other things – all of these ensure that we never have to dig a hole to find your leak.

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