A Quick Guide To How We Detect Water Leaks

There are several ways to find a leak on any property and at ADI we have the experience and tools to track down the source of any leak anywhere – including both interior and exterior leaks. We can also find these types of leaks on domestic, commercial and industrial properties so no matter how severe or huge you may feel the problem is we’re more than capable of dealing with it for you.

We use a wide range of tools to trace the source of any leak and the type of technology we use means that regardless of where the leak might be we can find  the source of it to within 5cm and without having to dig any holes. In fact our equipment is so advanced we can even find leaks that are buried several feet underground or even leaks that are within your walls.

The basic process we use at ADI when we’re tracing leaks is to analyze the situation first. Far too many companies jump straight into digging around and poking holes looking for your leak when the reality is they should be researching the problem before they start doing anything else – this simply prevents a lot of headaches later on.

Once we’re happy that we understand the basis of the central heating problems we then deploy the appropriate equipment to trace the leak. If the gas leak is an interior one then we might use a thermal imaging camera, acoustic leak detector or maybe even our nitrogen gas tracing system. If, however, the leak is external we would usually use an acoustic leak detector because we’ll be working with a leak that’s buried underground and we’ll have to rely on this equipment and our years of experience to trace your leak.

Either way we will find your leak and your property will remain untouched during the time we’re working to find it.