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In our many years of experience of working as part of the UK water management and water leak repair industry we’ve seen the reactions most people have to leaks. The strange thing is that business and domestic customers in Kent, and elsewhere in the UK, tend to react the same way by just ignoring the leak. They know they should have that leak investigated straight away but they still choose not to, usually as a cost saving exercise. It’s only when they see the almost total damage a water leak can cause that they realize how badly mistaken they were.

Water Leak Detection Services UK - Leak Detection London

Water leaks can leave you with a mix of the following problems:

  • A wide variety of respiratory and other health problems caused by moulds and fungus
  • Serious property depreciation because of water damage
  • Permanent structural damage to your property
  • Costly cosmetic damage to your home or business

If you’re looking for the most reliable and efficient of the leak detection services in Kent then you can stop right now because you’ve found ADI. We can offer you a full range of leak detection and repair solutions for every kind of issue from a swimming pool leak to problems with underground central heating pipes leaking. Each member of our team is fully insured and equipped to carry out a full range of leak tracing services.

Each ADI team employs a range of state-of-the-art, non-destructive leak tracing equipment in all of our work:

Visualleak detection Kent
Our thermal imaging cameras can be used to scan inside your walls for temperature variations that let us know further leak detection work is required

Our acoustic leak detectors can be used to either trace underground water leaks or to track down a leak in an internal wall also

Gas Tracing
When we need to evaluate an entire property for leaks we pump a nitrogen-hydrogen gas mix into your pipework and set up gas sniffers to detect any leaks

Leak Correlators
When we need to pinpoint leaks spread over a wide area we deploy our computerized leak correlation system for pinpoint detection of multiple leaks

When you hire ADI you get all the advantages that a modern water leak tracing company can offer and all within our very competitive pricing policy.

We have hundreds of reviews of the ADI Leak Detection service on record, like the following example:

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