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Even though you can’t see that water leak causing problems on your business or domestic property in Dorset we can assure you that it is. In fact most property owners have no idea just how much damage a water leak can really cause or that most insurance companies will simply refuse to pay for water leak damage – it’s seen as natural wear and tear on a property by most insurance companies. When it comes to having a water leak found and repaired then simply call ADI Leak Detection.

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Your water leak can leave you with problems like the following:

  • Thousands of pounds in wasted water charges each year – you’re literally throwing money away
  • Underground soil erosion could cause property subsidence
  • The moulds and fungus growing inside your home can cause serious health problems
  • Permanent structural and expensive cosmetic damage to your property

There’s no need to go searching any further than ADI Leak Detection when you’re looking for the leading leak tracing and repair specialists in Dorset. We can offer you a full range of water management solutions based on our extensive industry experience. We can deal with leaks as varied as swimming pools leaks to just your standard problems with underground central heating pipes leaking. You’ll also find that each member of our team is an absolute professional in everything they do.

Our specialists only use non-destructive equipment in all their leak detection work – including the following:

Thermal Imaging Camerasleak detection Dorset
Temperature variations inside your walls or ceilings can indicate the signs of a water leak but our thermal imaging equipment can find these warning signs very quickly

Tracer Gas
We use this when we need to check an entire plumbing or heating system for awkward leaks – our gas sniffers can detect our special tracing gas as it escapes through any holes

Acoustic Leak Detection
These sensitive electronic devices can detect water leaks in internal walls and can also “listen” underground for leaks that are buried there too

Leak Correlators
Our leak correlation system allows us to perform leak surveys on large areas such as farms, factories, airports and warehouses – all with pinpoint accuracy

When you hire ADI you’re getting the services of the most advanced leak tracing and repair company in Dorset – and all at a great price too!

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If you need help from the Dorset water leak detection experts then go ahead and call us now on 0800 731 3843.

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