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7,500 Reasons To Use ADI Leak Detection

Well that title is a little bit misleading to be honest but it’s entirely relevant to what we’re going to discuss here which is procrastination or simply not being able to make a decision about something. For example you’ve noticed a damp patch on the ceiling but you’re going to do something about it “tomorrow or maybe the next day”. 5 months later you’re in the depths of winter and that damp patch now has mildew on it and it looks like the plaster in the ceiling is starting to crack and flake. But you’ll deal with it “tomorrow first thing…definitely”.

But you’ve left it a bit too late and now you have a full blown central heating problems on your hands and you know, for absolute certain, it’s going to cost you a fair bit of cash that you really can’t afford. As a matter of fact it’s going to cost you about £7,500 to repair the damage – this is the average cost, as per Allianz Insurance, of your average water leak incident in the United Kingdom. That’s outside the headache of having to deal with an insurance claim in the first place which is generally a nightmare in and of itself.

And what rooms can you expect to receive the worse damage as part of a water leak. Here’s the list…. you might want to sit down….if you can find something that’s not soaked in water:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Sitting room
  • Master bedroom

The cost of calling ADI to track down and repair the source of your gas leak is nothing like £7,500 but because as humans we dither so much on important decisions we wind up costing ourselves money and all for the sake of one single phone call to the leak detection specialists – ADI.

You don’t need 7,500 reasons to call ADI. You only need 1 – the first sign of a water leak.

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