As you have probably noticed by now, we are quite enthusiastic about Leak Detection and we love it when we receive an unusual inquiry.

We have found leaks on a yacht in Italy, in an apartment on the coast of Spain and of course many other locations in the UK as far out as the coasts of Anglesey, Truro and Norwich.

Recently we were asked to locate a leak on 200m of water mains pipework at a Quarry in Gloucestershire… Bring it on!

Leak Detection at Quarry Gloucestershire

At a site like this, before proceeding with the Leak Detection our Engineers attend a site induction where they are taken through the Health and Safety requirements and they present our Risk Assessment to the client.

After site induction our team got to work on finding the leak using acoustic leak detection technology along with leak correlators. These specialists pieces of Leak Detection equipment are capable of detecting a water leak under concrete!

Locating the Leaks

A series of isolation testing revealed the leaking pipe in question, and tracer gases and acoustics localised the leak to a fitting on a stopcock.


Leak spraying out of joint

The leak exposed, spraying out of the joint.


The leak repaired.

After carrying out a repair, we always re-test the supply we are working on to make sure the repair has been effective and to see if there are any further leaks elsewhere on the pipework.

The re-test failed! Meaning there was a second leak! So testing continued…

After locating and repairing a second leak on the pipework, the test unfortunately failed for the third time!

And a third leak was located in the lorry park of the quarry.

The location was marked out for our client so they could arrange for the area to be cleared and excavated to access and repair the leak.

It’s quite rare to come across so many leaks on plastic pipework, but not completely unheard of.

This is why we allocate at least 1 day for every Leak Detection appointment we book – because we really don’t know what we’re walking in to until we start testing.

Rather than stacking our appointments and rushing off to a different job, we prefer to give each of our customers the time necessary fully resolve the problem, and more often than not this does require that we spend a whole day on site.

Also we just have 1 fixed price for repairs carried out on the same day, so you can rest assured that costs will not exceed whatever price you have been quoted for same day repairs, no matter how many leaks the pipework is suffering. 

Anyway we felt that locating 3 leaks and repairing 2 of them wasn’t bad for a day’s work!

If you are struggling with a leak on your water mains, whether domestic, commercial or industrial, call ADI today on 0800 731 3843!