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Get That Underground Water Leak Fixed Now Before It Pours Any More Of Your Money Down The Drain

ADI have been operating as a national water and leak management company now for many years and we’ve seen just how much property owners struggle with water leaks. We’ve also seen how often people assume that their property insurance will cover anything that happens to their property, but most insurance companies will actually refuse to pay for water leaks. This leaves the same property owners with a water damage repair bill they can’t afford and their property ruined at the same time.

Your underground water leak can cause the following problems:

  • Providing ideal growing conditions for moulds and fungus – these can cause serious health issues
  • If the soil underneath your property erodes you could be facing subsidence problems
  • Water can and will cause serious cosmetic damage to your home or business
  • Insects and vermin are attracted to the damp and dank conditions caused by a water leak

At least now that you’ve found ADI Leak Detection you can take a back seat when it comes to dealing with your leak management issue. Our engineers can implement any of a number of non-invasive leak tracing and repair solutions on your property and we do so with full public liability insurance cover also.

Our engineers use the following four pieces of leak tracing equipment in their roles:

Leak CorrelatorsShipley Water Leak Detection
Our leak correlation system uses data from external electronic sensors sent to a portable computer system to calculate exactly where your leak is

Thermal Imaging Cameras
Tracing leaks from hot and cold feeds can be difficult in the early stages but our thermal imaging cameras allow us to track them down regardless

Acoustic Leak Detection
In the hands of our leak detection specialists our acoustic leak detectors can be used to trace leaks that are buried up to 8-feet underground

Tracer Gas
We use a special hydrogen-nitrogen gas mix and gas sniffers to evaluate the leak potential in plumbing and heating systems

Hiring ADI Leak Detection means hiring a company offering a modern and non-invasive approach to leak detection plus we also survey your home for central heating leaks as part of our overall service.

This type of feedback makes the hard work worthwhile:

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At ADI Leak Detection we pinpoint and repair hidden water main leaks, under floor heating & central heating leaks across the UK every single day - areas near Shipley Include:
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