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What Types of Leaks Can ADI Help With?

Because ADI regularly deal with residential, commercial and industrial customers we’re able to deal with a very wide range of leak detection issues. We specialize in detecting water leaks but our engineers are also fully trained and capable of finding gas leaks and leaks in your central heating system also. To give you an idea of the types of issues that ADI work on regularly and would be happy to also help you with:

Leaks Under Floors
Our acoustic gas leak detectors can detect leaks underneath your floors with pinpoint accuracy to stop the problem spreading before it gets any worse than it needs to be. It doesn’t matter if the leak is several feet underground – we can find it.

Swimming Pool Leaks
It can be hard to track down the source of a leak in a swimming pool unless you’re actively monitoring the exact water levels – ADI can find a leak you’d never even guess was there.

Leaks in Water Mains
These can be one of the more awkward leaks to find and if the leak is bad enough you could quite literally be pouring money down the drain because of water rates. Our engineers are adept at dealing with these types of leaks.

Water Leaks Inside Walls
One of the trickiest leaks to track down on any property is a leak inside a wall but because our engineers use thermal imaging cameras to track down this type of issue by literally looking through walls they don’t pose a problem for ADI.

This is just a sample of the leak issues we can help you with – if you want to be certain of whether we can help or not then why not call us on: 08007313843. We’re always happy to chat to new customers about how we can help them.

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