Trace and Access – Does Your Home Insurance Cover The Cost?

Are you trying to find out if Trace and Access covers the cost of Leak Detection services in your home or commercial buildings?

Maybe you want to understand if the cost Trace and Access for your leak can be claimed back from your home insurance company under your buildings insurance or home insurance policy.

What Is Trace And Access Cover?

Trace and Access is included in most house insurance policies and covers the cost of non invasive leak detection to locate the leak and access the leak – normally it does not cover the cost of any necessary repairs, however, it does normally cover the costs of remedial works after a successful leak repair has been carried out.

How Do You Know If You Have Trace and Access Leak Detection On Your Buildings / Home Insurance Policy?

You may not realise you have Trace and Access cover without specifically asking your home insurance company or checking through your policy schedule and looking for it.

Each home insurance company has varying terms and conditions around Trace and Access, it is therefore always recommended that you call them to confirm what they will and will not cover. The service may be found under your home or buildings insurance.

Can I Use A Local Plumber For Trace and Access?

Very few local plumbers have the necessary tools or experience to successfully trace a hidden water leak under the floor. The team here at ADI Leak Detection are all qualified plumbing and heating engineers who are equipped with specialist leak detection technology – using a combination of their engineering experience and the specialist equipment to methodologically trace your leak.

Many home insurance policies will not cover the damage caused by traditional excavation to trace a leak, and you probably wouldn’t want that method used in your home either!

How Much Is Trace and Access Leak Detection in the UK?

Trace and access Leak Detection costs generally start from £495, depending on exactly what we are investing (water mains leak, central heating leaking, cold / hot feed pipe leak etc) & the size of your property.

We have a network of specialist Trace and Access engineers throughout the UK, meaning that one of our engineers is not too far away. If you are covered by your policy then you will be able to claim back our fee’s for tracing and accessing using our detailed, insurance approved reporting.

Does the same apply to all underground pipes?

Most home insurance policies with Trace and Access provide cover for all underground leaks, on all pipework upto the boundary – however never assume and always double check with your own insurer.

We have a dedicated water main leak detection division who find leaking water mains for clients every day of the week – in our experience most of these water mains leaks are covered by our clients policies.

Technology we use to Locate Your Leak

ADI are the Original UK Leak Detection company and are proud to have our specialist research and development division, who’s time is dedicated to improving the methods used to find leaks – that’s why our engineers are the best equipped in the industry.

All of our Leak Detection engineers carry this equipment at a minimum, while many carry test rigs and more advanced pieces of specialist equipment.

Tracer Gases

Before our engineer can use tracer gases they will need to drain the suspected pipework of water before introducing tracer gases. The tracer gases are completely safe and non toxic, compromising of 95% Nitrogen & 5% Hydrogen.

These gases escape the pipework at the location of the leak, rising to the surface through almost all materials before being located by our sniffing devices.

Acoustic Listening Devices

Our impressive Acoustic Listening Devices are used to listening to the sound of water or gas escaping from pipework up to 3 meters below the surface.

They are used to pinpoint the exact location of a leak under an internal floor or external surface so are used in both internal and external leak detection.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Market leading Thermal Imaging devices are used to trace the path of hot and cold pipework under internal floors and behind walls.

Thermal Imaging is normally used at the start of the Trace & Access process as the engineer maps out the hidden pipework in your home.

Snake Cameras

Snake cameras are used for looking water leaks inside walls, under cupboards and anywhere where a physical look is required but it not possible.

Snake Cameras are used in the latter stages of a leak detection, to confirm the water leak is where suspected before access is made.

Here are a few signs that you might have a leak in your home;

  • If all the taps on your property are closed, but your water meter is still spinning, then you might have a leak. Even If there is no visible water spillage, then it might mean that you have a leak below ground.
  • Are your water bills abnormally high and your water usage hasn’t increased? Then you might have a leak on your water mains, or you may have an internal leak requiring Trace and Access.
  • If your boiler is losing pressure, then you might have a hidden water leak that requires detection and repair.
  • Has your heating stopped working and you can’t tell why? Check the boiler pressure, and if the gauge is under 1 bar, then its possible your heating system is losing pressure due to a water leak, Trace and Access is likely to be the best solution.

In any of these scenarios, the leak could be in any location. It could be anywhere in the plumbing or could be underground leak and you need a Trace and Access company that can detect these leaks using non invasive technology.

Choose ADI For Trace & Access Leak Detection Services With Insurance Approved Reporting

So now you understand what Trace and Access cover is you’ll be able to check that your home insurance actually covers you for the cost of Leak Detection & remedial works.

When you call the office at ADI Leak Detection you will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team – the team are trained to ask a series of basic questions about your specific leak in order to diagnose the likely cause and to confirm that our service will help you.

Once we have confirmed that we will be able to help find your leak we can then get you booked in with your local leak detection engineer.

All of our engineers are plumbing and heating engineers and have had extensive Trace and Access training center at our Head Office & Training Centre in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

On the day of your appointment the engineer will arrive at 9:30am to get started armed with the booking notes they will methodologically begin the process of detecting your water leak.

Discover How We Can Help You …

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In many cases we are also able to repair your leak on the same day, there is a charge for repair work which is a fixed price and will be discussed and provided as a written quote at the time of booking.

If we carry out a repair then we are also able to carry out another leak test on the system to confirm that there are no further leaks – giving you complete peace of mind that the leak is now fixed.

Upon completion your engineer will submit a report of their findings and work carried out, this is checked by head office and sent over to you in an insurance approved format to assist with your trace and access insurance claim.

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